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HP has been manufacturing the best printers and scanners that can be used for any kind of small scale or large scale office purposes and even print your favorite pictures for fun at your home as well. Setting up a newly bought 123 HP printer shall be a pain if you do not know the actual process that goes behind the initial setup process. After purchasing an HP printer, one must visit 123.hp.com to start with the software and driver setup process by downloading the correct driver support and installation files. Queries related to such installation setup process, troubleshooting other kinds of issues with the printer and scanner, the technical team executives can be reached 24/7 to clear them up in an instance.

Select Your 123 HP Printer Model For Setup, Installation & Driver Support

123 hp setup

HP Envy Printers

Envy Printers from HP are known to be an upgraded model when compared to the basic inkjet ones. This particular printer can go easy with people who are in search for a printer that can be utilized in their home. It does support printing, duplicating and even scanning documents process at ease. Other than the USB and wired connection access, this model does support wireless, NFC and wireless direct access that anyone can use forward to print documents and pictures from devices that are connected to the printer through Wi-Fi network from a certain distance.

HP Deskjet Printers

HP Deskjet Printers are dedicated to your all kind of printing needs for home and micro business. Deskjet Printers is one among the compact and portable kind of printer manufactured by HP. Other than the basic scanning and printing functionalities, this particular type of printer can serve the printing purpose for people who moderately or rarely print files in their office or home.  Connect all your WiFi compatible devices like your smartphones with any of the models of Deskjet printer series and enjoy printing regardless of your location in the house or your office.

Hp setup

HP Officejet Printers

Officejet Printers has a multi-access ability and lets its users turn the device into an instant HP scanner at any given moment. This particular printer model prints the best quality images that can be efficiently used for various office and personal purposes. Cloud printing through a Wi-Fi network connection is an added feature that can be utilized to print documents and images without having to connect the printer using an Ethernet connection in the first place. With high printer processing speed of 500MHz, allows you to print documents  in less time.

hp scanner

Hp Offiejet Pro Printers

Officejet Pro Printers produces quick printing outputs under low running expense. This printer shall meet up with the needs that surround a small scale workplace. The primary beneficiary of this printer is the speed in which the image or document gets printed from any of your compatible device.  For all your office and business requirements Officejet Pro printers are dedicatedly designed by  HP. That comes with the duplaxing technique which allows you to print  both side of the paper even on a A3 size sheet in less time to meet all your business needs. 

Visit 123hp.com/setup to Get Solutions For Printer and Scanner setup

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If you are a Windows 7/8/10 operating system user, you can always get the right support related to the 123 HP printer setup issues, reconfiguration problems and troubleshoot other common errors by following the stepwise guidance provided by the technical executives who are trained to handle any kind of problem, irrespective of the time you prefer to reach them out.

hp software and driver


Reach out to the technical team to find the real reason behind facing multiple issues while trying to set up printer on your MAC running system. They do provide solutions as a stepwise guide to let the users understand the issue and solve them permanently as well.

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HP Printers do have the option to print your favorite images, documents, and other file types by connecting your smartphone to the printer through a mutual Wi-Fi network. Interconnecting the smartphone to the printer takes only a few minutes of your time, and it can be quickly done under the guidance of the technical support executives.

The Hardware HP Setup Process

Before getting on to the software section, one must know to properly unbox and complete the hardware setup process of an HP printer.

  • Unbox the printer from the provided box and place it on a location that has a power cord to provide constant power supply
  • Plug in the provided power cable to the power cord and then turn upon the printer using the ‘On/Off’ button
  • From the setup control panel, you can make your own choices related to your printing purposes
  • After this, pull out the cartridge door to install the provided cartridges under its respective slots to start using the machine
  • Next step is to rack an ample amount of paper on the paper tray so that you never run out of printing papers based upon your printing usage in the upcoming days.

Other than contacting the technical support team related to HP printer software issues, you can get your common hardware queries cleared by reaching them through the support number that has been designed to be a toll-free one.

HP software and Driver Installation

hp printer driver download

After configuring the hardware setup of your recently bought HP printer, you can install the software and driver that are solely available for your printer model by visiting the 123.hp.com/setup site from a web browser. Once the site fully loads up, you need to select upon the printer model number that you hold on to along with your Windows system configuration to download the correct driver software.

Wireless 123 HP Setup Process for Windows

The HP printers that have wireless connectivity in them can be interconnected with your laptop or computer that runs on Windows operating system in two different ways, one is by setting up a unique SSID and passcode for the same, the second is by accessing it through Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) system.

set up printer

The following is the basic steps that one can follow up to connect their HP printer wirelessly within a few minutes of time:

  • First and foremost turn on the printer
  • Under the printer control panel, you can find the wireless icon. Press them until it turns on as well
  • Make sure to follow the instructions that are listed on-screen and select upon the network that you would like to connect the printer wirelessly to complete the connection process
  • You can even run HP printer software to identify and select the wireless network to provide wireless printing accessibility
  • After selecting the Wi-Fi network, enter down the SSID along with the password to complete connecting the printer wirelessly.

You can even try connecting the printer wirelessly by pressing the WPS button on the router and printer at the same time. This step might let you connect with the home network if at all your router is not said to be password protected.

If you are facing hurdles or errors while completing the HP setup wirelessly, then get in touch with the tech support executives who are trained to resolve any kind of wireless connectivity related issues at bay.

Troubleshooting Common HP Printer Issues by Dialing up the Toll-free Support Number

There are certain common errors that can be a hurdle if you do not have valid support on your side to solve them at ease. Following is a list of issues that are widely faced by many HP printer users all over the world that can be swiftly resolved by contacting the tech support team, irrespective of the printer model number.

  • Ink cartridge and paper getting randomly jammed for no reason
  • Paper feeder holds on to multiple papers rather than taking one at a time
  • Finding hurdles in completing the HP setup process
  • Corrupted printer drivers bringing in multiple printing related issues
  • Unable to complete the HP printer driver download and installation process
  • Computer or laptop randomly hangs upon trying to print a page or image
  • Basic printer configuration difficulties
  • Experiencing low printing speed.

All these problems can be reported to the tech support team any part of the day and they do possess the ability to provide multiple solutions that you can follow up instantly to resolve such common issues permanently with your HP printer.

Quickly Resolving Error Messages By Uninstalling Drivers

HP driver update gets released once in a while and if you have recently downloaded an update through 123.hp.com, then you can swiftly upgrade to the latest features and performance improvement that are specially made for your printer model number.

If you have downloaded the driver update from other resources and facing issues while installing them, then follow up the below-mentioned steps to quickly resolve them.

  • Click upon the ‘Home’ button in your keyboard and visit the ‘Control Panel’
  • Under ‘Devices and Printers’ section, make a selection upon the printer that you have been trying to upgrade at the moment
  • From the little pop-up menu, click upon the ‘Uninstall’ button to completely remove the update file from your system
  • After the uninstall process gets completed, restart the system and then visit hp.com to find and download the correct drivers for your HP printer.

Finding it difficult or facing errors while trying to complete the HP printer driver installation process in your Windows or iOS system? Connect with our experts through the toll-free number to get a quick stepwise guide that can instantly solve your HP driver related problems.

HP Support Assistant

Find HP support assistant download links from 123.hp.com based upon your system configuration to get automated updates, support, and fixes to any kind of error that happens while trying to utilize the printer to its fullest potential.

Automated Troubleshooting Performance Errors





If your system has been acting sluggish in recent times and bringing down the printing speed, then you need to run the troubleshooters through HP Support Assistant to automatically recognize and get rid of the bugs or malware that were said to be hindering the printing performance in the first place.




Tailored Support


123 hp setup



The support tab that can be found after downloading and installing the HP Support Assistant can be vitally used to connect all your HP printing devices in one roof. This way you can check with the updates that are available for all your printers connected in your office space and install them in a single click as well.




Automatic Updates


hp printer software



Improve the overall reliability of your laptop or personal computer by getting automatic driver updates related to your HP printer through HP Support Assistant. You will be notified regarding the available updates related to your HP printer and can be downloaded and upgraded within the support assistant window itself.

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