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Experiencing multiple papers coming out on a single paper print command? Getting one paper printed accurately, the other looks blank, sometimes picking multiple papers blank and printed? This issue is a hardware issue. Your printer uses a separation pad and separation rollers depending on your printer model. These separating pads analysis the thickness of paper and do feed accordingly. Over a time of continuous using these separating pads and rollers needs to be changed, as they get bald. The printer loses control over the paper feeding and bottom paper just slip along with the topmost paper. If your HP scanner or printer is new and still you are facing this issue, follow the methods below to get rid of it.

Method1: Examine your paper

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  • Turn off the printer.
  • Take out the paper stack out of paper feeder tray.
  • Check the condition of the paper, it should not be wrinkled, folded, torn or dusty.
  • Align the edges of papers, make sure all the papers are of the same size. Fan the papers properly to avoid the papers sticking together conditions.
  • Stack papers on a flat surface, along with the whole stack accurately.
  • Insert the stack into the tray and push it further until it snaps into the right position.
  • Turn on the printer and try printing the paper, use different kinds of papers one at time.

Check for the issue. If the issue has resolved, you are all set, if not follow the method below.

Method 2: Clean paper feeder rollers

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  • Turn off the printer again to set up printer for troubleshooting.
  • Remove the rear door of the printer.
  • Inside the roller section, free up the jammed paper by pulling it out gently if you find any there. You can use a flashlight for proper visibility inside the printer.
  • Wipe off all the rollers gently with a lint-free cloth, moisten it with bottled water. Look further inside the printer and clean off all the rubber rollers.
  • Make sure to clean paper feeder rollers as well, it is tough to get there, so you can use the moistened cotton swab to wipe off the paper picker roller.
  • Check if any of the rollers are loose, missing or jammed. Replace that roller with a new one. If you see the roller are bald or not ca[able to work properly, you can replace all the rollers with the new one.
  • Wait for rollers to get dry completely. Make sure you have not left anything inside the printer that should not be there.
  • Close the rear door.
  • Plug in the power cable and try printing the document.

Try printing a different kind of papers one after one if you have a variety of papers. Do not feed a different kind of paper at one time, place them into the input tray one by one. HP setup for printing the paper thickness set automatically, yet use one type of paper at one time to avoid reoccurring of the issue.

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